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Specializing in the production, processingHigh-precision double-sided, multi-layer circuit boards

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Shenzhen Diancheng Circuit Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the production and processing of high precision double-sided, multi-layer circuit board of high-tech enterprises. Founded in 2006, is located in Shenzhen China, has a high-quality professional and technical management personnel and a strong quality assurance team, more than 250 employees, the monthly production capacity of 30000 square meters of double-sided, multi-layer circuit board. High precision circuit board, widely used in the production of computers and peripheral equipment, communication products, household appliances, instrumentation, industrial equipment, automotive, microelectronics, LCD and LED etc., mainly exported to the China mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan , Europe and America.......
Shenzhen Diancheng Circuit Co., Ltd
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